Agriculture & General Cargo

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Robinson International Energy Limited has 8 years of experience in providing crude oil inspection. Our teams of expert provide inspection and superintending services with inspectors present throughout the loading and discharge process.

We have membership with a wide range of international organization including Institute of  Risk and Safety Management Nigeria.

Robinson International Energy Limited can provide the following agricultural and general cargo services:

  1. Sampling and Quality
  2. Supervision of Fumigation
  3. Cleanliness inspection of holds, tanks, rails and road trucks
  4. Stock and Movement control
  5. Container Inspections (Stuffing/Unsnuffing)
  6. Weighing, Tallying
  7. Draft Surveys
  8. Pre-Loading Surveys
  9. Loss/Damage Surveys
  10. Cargo Operational Supervision
  11. Packing list
  12. Certificate of weight
  13. Certification of origin
  14. Phytosanitary certificate
  15. Certification of radiation
  16. Crop certificate
  17. Compliance