Minerals & Metals

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Our internationally recognized laboratories can perform a full range of mineral and metal analysis, from chemical assaying of materials copper and cobalt ore to analysis of ore concentrates and raw metals for export certification.

Using only state of the art technology, all of our international laboratories are accredited to ISO 17025.ensuring the highest quality of results irrespective of location, with methodologies that are accepted worldwide.

Our team has experience in testing for copper and cobalt in any matrix, from azurite, malachite cuprite to trace analysis of cobalt and other precious and semi-precious metals.

Our services include:

  1. Export Certification of Mine Ore, Metals and Concentrates
  2. Congolese Laboratory Chemical Testing Capabilities
  3. Mine Ore Sample Preparation and Wet Chemistry
  4. XRF screening and Mining Exploration

Our Export Certificates are requested by all International trading houses, manufacturing plants, smelters and governments